10:00 - 10:20    Business Case    (https://futurecomxperience.com.br/tv/video-2/uma-implementacao-bem-sucedida-de-um-projeto-de-cidade-inteligente-na-europa-baseado-em-padroes-globais-e-abertos-e-alinhado-com-os-objetivos-de-desenvolvimento-sustentavel)

Business Case | Uma implementação bem-sucedida de um projeto de cidade inteligente na Europa, baseado em padrões globais e abertos e alinhado com os objetivos de desenvolvimento sustentável | ETSI


Conectividade & Infraestrutura


Christophe Colinet

Smart City Project Manager @ Bordeaux and ETSI member @ ETSI

Christophe COLINET joined the City of Bordeaux in 2005 and became the Smart City project manager for the metropolis in 2016, coordinating European projects and more specifically “Sharing Cities”, an H2020 SCC1 lighthouse project. Christophe is the Bordeaux representative within the Eurocities KSF forum. He chairs the “Standards and interoperability working group” for this forum. In 2019, Bordeaux also became a member of the global network of OASC cities at its own initiative. He is the EG4U secretary (EG4U: The European non-governmental organisation (NGO) of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Users). This NGO, dedicated to energy management & waste monitoring, has been created early December, 2015, by ICT(Information & communications technologies) users, members of ETSI Industry Specification Group (ISG) called Operational energy Efficiency for Users (OEU), based in Sophia Antipolis (France) Since 2016, he chairs an ETSI ATTM SDMC (Sustainable Digital Multiservice for Cities) working group dedicated to providing technical specifications for the industry in accordance with city’s needs. He is vice chairman of the ETSI Industry Specification Group for Context Information Management, member of the H2020 CS3 Espresso advisory board and member of the standards work package in the H2020 IoT Large Scale Pilot called Synchronicity. He is gradued in telecommunications from E.S.E.O (Upper Electronics School from West) based in Angers (France).